The Price Of Fame: Why We’re Glad We’re Not Famous

Sure, we get why people would want to be a celebrity: the glitz and glamour, the money and fame. But is fame really all that it is made out to be? Aside from being exceedingly rich and wealthy in many ways, fame can be just as destructive as it is wonderful. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant with your friends and chowing down on a juicy hamburger, when all of a sudden extra burger juice drips down your chin. Not exactly what you would call cover-ready! Then imagine that highly attractive shot of you and your burger plastered on the home page of every gossip site with the caption “What a pig!” thanks to the paparazzi. What a nightmare! Luckily most of us aren’t famous – and if you ever getting bummed out about not being famous, here are 15 reasons to make you happy you aren’t!