Watch Paramore’s Taylor York Appearance On Home Makeover Show ‘Interiors, Inc’

Did you watch HGTV’s Interiors, Inc this weekend and spot a rather familiar face? Or were you too busy doing something better with your time (i.e surfing the internet for photos of band guys with koalas)? Either way, you can now watch footage of Paramore‘s Taylor York deciding what decor suits his house best. I know what you’re thinking – you can hardly contain your excitement.

Alter The Press have pointed out that part of the guitarist’s cameo is now available online which is great news for all those who were desperate to see just how he co-ordinates his furniture.

You can watch the video below and find out what the ‘experts’ made of York’s book shelves.

Is “Interiors, Inc” the new Cribs?

Which rock star’s house would you like to see inside?