Rihanna Gets Religious With New Tattoo

Rihanna‘s been a major staple in the headlines lately, everything from her choice of wardrobe and new Armani ad to her collaborations with abusive ex Chris Brown to launching her own clothing line. And looks like RiRi isn’t ready to leave the headlines just yet! The 23-year-old songstress has landed herself another spot in the headlines – this time with a religious twist!

Adding yet another tattoo to her growing collection, RiRi got some ink done of a cross on her collarbone. While in NYC recently, she paid a visit to her favorite trusty tattoo artist BangBang, who worked on her cross. This isn’t the first time BangBang’s worked on her: he was responsible for the gun tattoo on her ribcage as well as the “Shhhhh” on her finger, the stars down her back and Roman numerals on her neck. The cross is RiRi’s sixteenth tattoo.

What do you think of her new tattoo?