Question of the Day: If You Could Live In Any TV Series Ever, Which Would It Be?

Happy Friday, my little minions! I didn’t know if I should talk to you all about Hunger Games stuff so I decided not to (since I refuse to read the books). I like to err on the side of caution and stuff. Anypoop, here’s some stuff:

If I could spend all day being chased by Daleks and investigate Adipose Industries, I totally would.

LoL if you get this then you and I can ride on Appa and go to Ba Sing Se and knock over cabbages. Was the “cabbages” dude in Ba Sing Se? OMG TRIVIA! PS – The Legend of Korra premiere comes out tomorrow or something. Go here to find out mas.

If I could hang out in Warehouse 13 all day, it would, wel, see above caption.

Would totes danz to Skrillex with these peeps.

If you can gather anything by the above gifs, we are talking about tv today. I am just going to leave it at that because I have a lot to do (not really but sort of). So. Here is your Question of the Day:

If you could live in any tv series ever, which would it be and why?