Question of the Day: Have You Ever Gone Through Hard Times?

I was reading things on the internet about being poor and it gave me flashbacks. Obviously, this was on Twitter but the hash tag was really whack so I’m not using it. Why don’t you cry about it?

Life is pretty much hard. You have to do things you don’t want and that happens a lot more often than we’d like. Sometimes you have to go without things that you need just so you can get by. That’s what this blog will be about. Did you ever go to bed without eating nomz? Did you have to wash yourself at the sink more than once? Did you have to heat your bath water on the stove because of reasons? I have done all of those things. Mostly they all happened when I was growing because my parents were awful and never paid anything on time, so on and so forth.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us stuff. We won’t judge. We’ll just internet hug you and make you feel better. Go!

Have you ever gone through hard times?