Buzznet Exclusive: My Q&A With Justin Bieber

I recently had an incredible opportunity to get an EXCLUSIVE BUZZNET interview with the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER! I am sure you have heard many if not all of his music blasting on your radio and on your ipods but if you have not had the chance to check out his new single “Boyfriend” you NEED to!!! It came out on March 26th and I think I have listened to it on repeat since then, it is un real and you will be addicted. He may only be a fresh 18 but in my opinion he has accomplished as much as most of the pop icons of my generation had already. If you are a fan you probably know so much about him already but I hope these questions help ease your curiosity on what may be coming up in “Bieberland”

Brittany Hagerty: What music are you currently listening to on Spotify/ipod?
Justin Bieber: I listen to a lot Frank Ocean, Drake. With making this album I listened to a lot of Michael, he is a huge inspiration for me.

BH: What are your tour plans? Any surprises planned?
JB: We are hoping to start touring in the fall we’ll see, I love being on tour because that’s when I get to connect with my fans most.

BH: What’s something you wore 3 years ago that you look back now and wonder why you though it was cool?
JB: Nothing… I’m always Swag! LOL

BH: What is your main goal for this upcoming album Believe?
JB: As always to make great music.