BUZZNET Exclusive: Buzznet Chats With Stars Of ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16 3’

If you think these two ladies look familiar, it’s because you’ve definitely seen them on-screen before: Kirsten Prout appeared in a little movie called Twilight: Eclipse while Jillian Rose Reed is a regular on the MTV show Awkward. The two actresses also star in the just-released third installment of the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 MTV trilogy.

Buzznet caught up with My Super Psycho Sweet 16 3 stars Kirsten Prout and Jillian Rose Reed and talked horror movies, trends and road trip playlists.

Buzznet: Tell us a bit about your character.

Kirsten Prout: Alex Bell the traditionally unhinged since the first film, is becoming more crazy than ever in the third installment of the trilogy. If any ex boyfriends watch the film, they may recognize me from prior breakups (laughs). No, I’m just kidding – I’m not psychotic.How similar are you to Alex?

KP: I’m not on any antipsychotic medications, so we’re not similar in that respect. I’m a very sensitive person and I feel like Alex takes that to the next level because she’s so sensitive she sort of goes to the deep end with it. Alex is incredibly insecure and I have my insecurities as well.

What’s the most recent horror movie you’ve seen?

KP: The Last Exorcism – it terrified me! Let’s just say I did not want to sleep alone, and I may or may have not put a weapon under my bed. I’m a horror movie buff if I have someone with me, otherwise I’m the lamest scardy cat you’ve ever met. I mean, I watched Enough with Jennifer Lopez by myself the other night and got totally freaked out.

Were there any juicy secrets from the set?

KP: Other than Niko Pepaj was so great as his character Grant, the writers decided to change his name to Niko. They changed it because they loved the way Niko would speak about himself in third person, that they decided change the character’s name.

What’s one style trend you love?

KP: Bellbottoms, I love the bohemian flair. I wear them all the time and they have sort of come into fashion recently which is a first for me. I’m normally not very trendy.

What’s the one trend you wish would go away?

KP: The leggings as pants movement. It’s just a bad situation, and the photo-ops go totally wrong.

Buzznet: Tell us about your character.

Jillian Rose Reed: I play Sienna, she’s the new character to the trilogy, Sky Rotter’s (Lauren McKnight) new roommate for art school. They carpool to NYC together for school when Sky gets a call from her sister. Sienna convinces her to go and tie up loose ends before they leave for college. That’s when everything goes wrong.

BN: What’s your go to road-trip playlist?

JRR: A lot of Britney Spears and Spice Girls. I like listening to songs that bring back memories. I also love Adele for those times I just want to ugly cry (laughs)

How does Sienna compare to your character Tamara on Awkward?

JRR: Sienna’s older – she’s a little more mature and in college. She’s also very artsy and a little bit of a tomboy. Tamara’s 15 in high school and not as mature and very girly. She would probably be afraid if she got dirt under her nails. However both characters are very sassy, adventurous, and loud.

Who are you more like: Sienna or Tamara?

JRR: I’m a pretty good mixture of both of them. Sometime Lauren (the creator of Awkward) has to tell me to slow down because I talk too fast, which is a thing I brought to the character Tamara. Hopefully I’m more like Siena in the fact that I’m a little more mature.

Tell us about your new site that’s being relaunched?

JRR: Yeah, we’ve been revamping – it should be up by the end of the week. It’s going to be super clean, with pictures, videos and interviews. I’m so excited, and hope all the fans check it out!