Pool Trade Show Feb 2012

Hey Loves,

So Pool Trade Show is a huge deal for any brand that is really emerging into the industry, By Samii Ryan has been lucky enough to be able to participate in this show! It is from the 13-15 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Josh and I are literally running off of 2 hours of sleep, we got in last night from Lexington around 1:30 and I only drank 2 red bulls, and I usually don’t drink caffine, and I DIED all morning. I was shaking, had the spins, and a terrible stomach ache, all from red bull. Yeah I am NOT a party animal. Ugh, the flight this morning fromt LA-LV was rough,I was so sick. Just getting better now, thank goodness!!

So anyway back to Pool. We got in Vegas around 8:00 and got to the convention center around 9, we always set up so early whenever we go to festivals or things like this. We have a co-op space, it is 8×6, I mean yeah it is SUPER tiny, seriously haha but I think it works perfectly for By Samii Ryan. I am so excited for tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what Pool has in store for By Samii Ryan, cross your fingaaahs!

Check out the gallery of photos I took of the By Samii Ryan setup! If you are in Vegas, come stop by booth #127 right by the DJ Booth and the Cash & Carry section! I will have a bunch more photos from Pool Trade show and my adventures in Las Vegas baby!