Pink Bear

felt like dressing up a bit today.. been wearing my pink hooded bear dress from the josie stevens collection.. the best part is the hands.. at the end of the sleeve there is a thumb hole & claws.. too cute! i feel like a cartoon character.. in other news.. i had a BIG reality check yesterday. sometimes the people you trust most are the ones fucking you over in the end.. i guess its hard to mix business & friendship.. i am done getting used. it’s time to put my foot down are really open my eyes to what’s going on.. i wish everyone could just be fair & actually mean what they say.. but hey, not everyone was raised with morals i suppose.. i should expect this with work.. i mean, nothing comes easy. if you want something you need to do it for yourself.. don’t realy on someone elses words.. they will just take advantage.. ive seen this for years!!! anyways, i am probably not making sense.. i am just annoyed with certain work situations in my life.. but all is GOOD.. i am healthy, i am young, i am free.. have to focus on the good, right?