‘Amazing Spider-man’ News…It’s Gonna Be Big!

It’s no secret The Amazing Spider-man is one of 2012’s most highly anticipated movies to hit theaters. As we slowly, but surely inch closer to the July 3 release, Sony Pictures took the webby superhero’s signature spider emblem and projected it in 12 countries and 13 of the world’s most prominent cities!

The guerrilla projections led to a viral RSVP site, allowing insiders to sign-up for exclusive events happening around the globe. The event will feature a Sneak Peek of Never-Before-Scene Footage from The Amazing Spiderman and it’s all happening this Monday, February 6th in LA, NY, Rio, London, Mexico City, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney! We can’t wait to find out what news is revealed!

Check out the super cool campaign below!

How excited are YOU to see The Amazing Spider-man?