Vanessa Hudgens And Josh Hutcherson Talk About Their Relationship… Awkward!

With her relationship with fellow Disney star Austin Butler out in the open, it must be a little strange for Vanessa Hudgens to do press with her ex-boyfriend Josh Hutcherson for their upcoming flick Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Sure, the 23-year-old raven haired actress and the 19-year-old Hunger Games actor are still friends, but how awkward is it to talk about your past relationship as if it were the present? That’s the position one interviewer put them in recently!

In an interview with the two costars, an Australian interviewer asked them how long they’ve been going out, Hollywood Life reports. Yikes, looks like someone didn’t do their homework!

“We’re not,” Josh said in the interview. “We were at one point, but she broke my heart. No, I’m just kidding. That was a while ago. We’re really good friends now.”

“We’re really good friends,” Vanessa echoed, giving Josh a friendly pat on the cheek.

The two dated when they were filming the movie and were spotted out and about together (like at Coachella last year) but broke up in August.

Watch the awkward video below:

What would you have said if you were in Josh and Vanessa’s shoes?