Who Paid To Stop Justin Bieber’s “Baby?”

How much would you pay to get a song you couldn’t stand to stop playing? Well, for the students of Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Illinois, a unique fundraising idea made them dig deep to stop the school from playing Justin Bieber’s song, “Baby.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that seniors, Charlotte Runtzel and Jesse Chatz struck a deal with the school’s administration to play the pop-singers mega-hit over the PA system between every class period for a week in hopes of raising $1,000 for a grossly underfunded student cafe and arts center.

Three days was all it took to silence the Biebs whose song pushed the students to edge.

“There were certainly people who disagreed that it was a fun thing,” assistant director of student support and racial equity, Ali Hart said. “Some people were truly annoyed, but that’s kind of the incentive. If it wasn’t going to be slightly annoying, then you wouldn’t be motivated to stop the music.”

What song would you pay to stop playing? Do you love or loathe Justin Bieber’s music? Sound off below!