Question of the Day: If You Suddenly Became Rich, What Would You Purchase First?

Let’s pretend that you suddenly found a suitcese full of blood money from a botched drug deal and that you would never be found out. Let’s also say that this was a lot of money and the bills were non sequential. You’re stoked, y/y? It’s time to make it rain.

~ Oh Blingee grafix, never die ~

If this scenario happened to me, I would buy a bike. I need a new one. I would most likely buy this bike:

I wouldn’t have the Brooks Saddle or a quill stem but w/e. That bike is made of dreams. Oh and I need a new computer but that’s just cuz. That’s it.

I know I’ve used this image before but whatever:

That’s all. Now it’s your turn.

If you suddenly became rich, what would be the first thing you’d purchase?