Oh god, I’ve been off Buzznet for so long.

So, lets brush the dust of the laptop and get right back on to Buzznet, shall we? Yes, I think so.

OK. Basically, the whole reason my Buzznet account’s been pretty much silent for so long is because we moved house. And if you had any idea the kinds of crap me and my family seem to have just gathered over the 6 years we were at our old house, you’d know just how that went.

But, nonetheless we’re here now! 😀 Admittedly, we’re still living on/right next door to a building site, but we have a great house now, not to mention an amazing kitchen. (/bragging.) What wasn’t so amazing was the fact that our internet provider was being an ass for a good 4 weeks after we moved in, hence the silence beacuse we had NO internet. Just to make it all better, the place we live now has really crappy phone signal so we were basically living a black hole, which was so much fun.

Anyway, I’m back now! 😀 I’ll keep updated as much as possible, and imma get taking pictures like nobody’s business.

L xoxo