The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Britney’s Hairstyles

Britney in those years changed a lot of hairstyles: long, short, curly, straight, with extensions, blond, black, brown, copper, gathered in ponytail or chignon and a lot of other styles… She always is wonderful and it’s been hard to decide which are my fav hairstyles, for a few of them I was sure at 100% because I’ve always been addicted but for others it’s been more difficult.

As it has been so difficult to create my chart about my fav Britney’s hairstyles.

This is it!

Enjoy 😉

13. Natural colour hair (1999)

I would like to start with her natural hair: dark blond and curly (in this photo is straight) Her hair is awesome in the natural way, here she is posing for one of her first shooting, exactly for her first album. She’s so pretty.

12. Curly hair (2011)

Even though Brit has curly hair in natural form like in this picture, she usually has her hair with more soft rolls. Just because it’s rare to see Brit with this look, I love it so much!

11. Blond hair with bow (2006)

Blond hair, a little bit wavy with a little black headband with a bow. She’s so cute and she seems a doll. Here she was waiting for JJ <3

10. Blond and red hair (2000)

After have put this dress in my past chart as one of my favs, I have to say that I really loved her hair here too: long way and with bi tones, blond and red copper.

9.Blond short curly hair (2005)

In 2005 when she was waiting Sean Preston, Britney posed for ELLE Magazine and she has this super adorable short curly hair, is she cute, isn’t she?

8. Long black hair (2006)

I always thought Brit suits dark hair in a stunning way, here she was pregnant of JJ and she is beautiful like a flower!

7. Blond & mahogany curly hair (2003)

Britney does again a similar colour that she had also in 2000, this time she uses to have them curly and gathered with little clips.

6. Gathered blond curly hair (2005)

She’s simply adorable with this look! I would like to have her hair <3

5. Blond cotton candy hair (2011)

Everytime Britney has this hairstlye I think to the cotton candy, they are so fluffy and soft. I want to eat them XD

4. Blond straight long hair (2011)

When I see this pic I don’t know what you say, she’s simply awesome!

3. Long brown hair (2007)

Britney is a really femme fatale here in Allure shooting with brown hair and red lipstick.

2. Blond layered straight hair with fringe (2005)

I’ve never seen a picture more beautiful than this one! She’s gorgeous here and I really love her haircut, I would like to do it on my hair too! And this photo has to become a portrait really soon

1. Mahogany curly hair (2004)

I’m completly in love with this colour of hair and I think it’s perfect for her skin. Plus if she smiles is 1000 times better <3


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