2011 VMAs: Best & Worst Dressed

The VMA Black carpet last night was very much that, BLACK. There were not many colored outfits at all! My best dressed awards go to Katy Perry in pink bubble gum geisha chic, Selena Gomez who looked beautiful and edgy classic, Bonnie McKee rocking a creamsicle My Little Pony look, and Kreayshawn because anyone who rocks a sequin Minnie Mouse dress wins in my book!

My worst awards go to Nicki Minaj, whom I LOVE, but I just think it was a little too much and I would have done the Japanese fashion influence a lot different. Also Justin Beiber because he looked like an awkward street style grandma.

P.S Although they didn’t make my list I have to say The Jersey Shore girls did clean up very nicely!

Who were your best and worst fashion picks??