Kreayshawn Brings the Swag to a Sold-Out SF Crowd

(Photo: SF Weekly)

Kreayshawn played to a sold-out crowd at Slim’s in San Francisco on August 25. Even though the show was the third in her seven-stop debut solo tour, it really wasn’t a Kreayshawn show – it was a White Girl Mob show, with Lil Debbie and V-Nasty joining the pint-sized rapper on stage throughout her set.

Kreay’s producer DJ Two Stacks backed up the trio, who performed mixtape fan favorites as well as her summer smashers “Gucci Gucci” and “Rich Whores.”

Fans of all ages came out to support Kreay in her first major hometown show. Kreayshawn’s mom was even there! At the end of their short half-hour set, the girls were inundated with gifts thrown on stage by the audience – everything from hats to bl*nts.

(Photo: SF Weekly)

Kreayshawn is clearly working on her game, and what the up-and-comer brought to the stage last night showed off her stark transition as a local celebrity trying to fill international-sensation-sized expectations. With “Gucci Gucci” going viral, her million-dollar record deal and her MTV Video Music Awards nomination for “Best New Artist,” more eyeballs are glued to the video director-turned-rapper than ever before.

But is her novice-level performance experience excuse for her super-short set and the fact that she rapped over a backing track (vocals and all)? No. But does it matter? No. She still sold out the venue. Fans still came from all over Northern California to support their idol and hope to catch some of her swag.

Last night proved that Kreayshawn’s impact on her followers transcends her actual musical talent. Girls (and boys) idolize her for what she stands for and for her success as a minority in a game that’s largely stereotyped as a male-dominated industry.

So even though I think I entered Slim’s smoky GA floor with higher expectations than what was delivered, I definitely did not leave unsatisfied. I found that witnessing Kreayshawn’s existence is about much more than what’s pumping through the speakers.

Check out the White Girl Mob performing Kreayshawn’s “Bumpin Bumpin” and “Gucci Gucci” below:

What do you think of Kreayshawn and the WGM’s performance?

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