Justin Bieber Goes Cone-ing and Pranks Fast Food Drive-Thrus

Forget planking and owling: it’s ALL about cone-ing – and pop superstar Justin Bieber is getting in on all the action! The Biebs posted a video on his Twitter of his pranking adventures from the other day, tweeting this:

In the first part of the video, Justin orders an ice cream cone and grabs it by the top where the ice cream is at and drives off. In the second part he changes it up and orders a frosty from Wendy’s. He then makes his way to Burger King’s drive-thru and tries to return the drink, insisting he wasn’t satisfied with it. Finally, for his last prank, he goes cone-ing again. This time Justin grabs two ice cream cones at once, making for a double cone-ing experience.

What do you think of cone-ing: hilarious joke or humorless prank? What’s the best prank you’ve pulled?