Colin Farrell and Craig Gillespie of ‘Fright Night’ Talk to Buzznet About Scary Movies and Vampire Showdowns

If you’ve never seen the original 1985 horror flick Fright Night, all you need to know is that the new remake of it (which comes out this Friday, August 19th) involves vampires and the uber-hot Colin Farrell.

Buzznet attended the Fright Night press junket and sat down with Colin Farrell (who plays vampire Jerry) and the director Craig Gillespie to talk about the original Fright Night, their scariest horror movies of all time and who would win in a vampire showdown: Jerry or Edward Cullen?

Watch the interview with Colin Farrell and Craig Gillespie here:

Fright Night hits theaters this Friday, August 19th.

Who do you think would win in a vampire showdown: Colin Farrell’s Jerry or Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen?


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