Chris Evans NAKED: Exclusive From FOX’s ‘What’s Your Number?’

Ally Darling (played by the hilarious Anna Faris) is looking for the best EX of her life! After the open-hearted and spontaneous gal loses her job and learns her younger sister is engaged, Ally is determined to go through her numerous missed opportunities in life and in love, embarking on a mission to find “the One.” With the help of her neighbor Colin Shea (played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans), she contacts the past 20 men she’s been in a relationship with to find her one true love.

Based on the Karyn Bosnak book 20 Times a Lady, this hilarious rom com features a star-studded cast, including Zachary Quinto, Andy Samberg, Joel McHale, and Chris Pratt (Anna’s real-life husband!) as some of Ally’s exes. Get ready for the first big comedy of the Fall!

Check out the exclusive clip below. Warning: Chris Evans bares it ALL!

If a naked Chris Evans clip isn’t reason enough to check it out, watch the trailer:

What’s Your Number? hits theaters September 30th.

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