Kim Kardashian Getting Rid Of Her Curves For The Wedding?

Since getting engaged to athlete boyfriend Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian is in wedding mode. And it takes lots of preparation for a wedding – especially when it comes to someone as high profile as Kim. One thing she’ll be doing to prepare for the big day: shedding some lbs.

After a fan tweeted at Kim yesterday, “On my way to GNC to buy some quicktrim @KimKardashian,” Kim tweeted back: “Take some for me! Im about to start again!#wedding slimdown.”

Kim may be gung-ho on losing some weight, but one thing she won’t be losing is her husband-to-be’s favorite part: “Obviously my butt,” she told Us Weekly.

Do you think Kim needs to slim down before the wedding, or is she fine the way she is?