Kerli on Mothers Day


I know that I’m a couple of days late but I wanted to do a special little post about the true heroes of the world: Mothers. My mother is a very strong, beautiful woman. She has light blue eyes and high cheekbones, like a Goddess. When I think of her, I see blue and green colors. I’ve always described her as a superwoman and actually wrote the song “SuperGirl” inspired by her. U can listen to it a couple of posts down. When I was little, my mother lived for me and my sister. We were busy kids with lots of hobbies. Not because we wanted to but because she insisted we’d have some kind of a goal in life. We didn’t have much money and I’m so lucky that she prioritized our piano lessons and dancing lessons as the stuff she’d spend on. We didn’t buy any clothes but whenever we needed something, she would make it. I would always have something my mom made on. When I got older, I started designing stuff and she just made it. It was kind of amazing! I learned from her to be respectful of other peoples time as she’d be very strict with us having to call if we couldn’t show up to a class. She also gave me this look whenever she thought I was lying and said that she can read thoughts so I learned to never lie. I physically can’t. It’s actually pretty awful sometimes!:P When I was about 12, I started dressing all crazy and coloring my hair and got into a lot of trouble in my small town school. My grades were great but I guess I was just rubbing teachers the wrong way cause I wanted to express myself with the way I looked. They really made my life into hell there so I’d go home every day and cry. One day my mom had enough – She stormed to the principal after hearing from a teacher that her 12 year old kid was the main topic of every conversation in the teachers room for no apparent reason. She took me by the hand and angrily opened the principals door. “What’s your problem?” she asked from the principal. The principal stuttered in surprise as my 5’1 mom scared the shit out of her. After that day the teachers in that school didn’t pick on me anymore.

When I was 14, I had my first boyfriend. First love. Or at least I thought so:) He was a very intense boy and after a little while started being very aggressive towards me, taking away my phone and pushing me. One day my mother sat down with me and him and told him:”You can’t see my daughter anymore”. I knew she was right although all I wanted to do back then was to be with “the love of my life” forever.

At 16, I left home. I know she worried herself sick as I called from a subway in London Suburbs at 3 am telling her there’s no one but me and some strange looking guy here in the station and I don’t know when the next train is coming and needed her to stay on the phone with me so I’d be less scared.

I know she’s cried. I know she’s worked her ass off. I know she’s put herself aside for me and even though I’m a big girl now I still really hope she feels proud every time she looks at me.



what is your mom like?