3 Questions, 3 Answers


Soo, we’ve been waiting for about 2 and a half year on your second album. How is it all going? What have you planned? I’m very excited

Oh, I have so many things planned for it!:) It’s kind of a concept album, that’s why I haven’t given away the title yet or the story but I’ve been crafting it carefully for 2 years now. For this new music, I’ve become a student of human behavior. I’ve restlessly gone out to the world to study their feelings and thoughts and what they’re up to. I call it “gathering”. Then I go home, switch my phone off, don’t see anyone for 3 days and write and program. Sometimes I find a title I need and write like 5 songs with the same title until I nail it. One of my favorite songs from the album actually, I wrote like 5 versions of it before I wrote the right one. I tried to make it this one spectrum of colors: whites, pastels and metal. Now I need this one song that is really dark blue and purple and I’m working on this one that is all red. Although I really don’t like red in music, I feel like I need this kind of a song for live stuff. I see music in colors so I don’t know if any of what I’m saying is making any sense. lol. This album is really about overcoming struggle but it sounds really positive and although I know some fans are expecting the same darkness that Love is Dead had, I just can’t do it anymore. I’m in such an amazing place. I wanna write stuff that makes people feel like they’re winning. It’s not like self-congratulatory party music but it’s noticing everything beautiful and celebrating all the aspects of life. When it comes to sounds, it has some dance in it, it has some hip hop, it has some rock. I’ve been listening to a lot of church and choir music for inspiration as well as classical and healing music. Also getting inspiration from cartoons, anime and computer games for the sounds. And a massive touch on the whole thing is super trashy euro music from the 90′s like Aqua and all these people with neon colored hair and insane cartoon lyrics. So it’s like music about some pretty dark stuff like domestic violence and personal struggle – the struggle of wanting to make art I believe in, the struggle of being a girl in a world where women still earn less and get less respect than guys, the struggle of being a human. But when you listen to the music, u’re not thinking about the struggle..you’re overcoming it with me. I’m trying to write music where I win so u could sing along and win in your head as well. And then go out to the world and spread that light and be a blessing to every person that comes in contact with you.

Is your image created and inspired by you or did someone say, “Hey, I think this would suit you”, type of thing. How does it all come about? Your beautiful all the time, but are you always gothic in your private life?

My image is just a reflection of who I am at the time. And since I’ve been able to deliver visuals that people seem to dig, my label doesn’t even give me advice in that department anymore. I just do what I want. All my photoshoots I do with my best friend in his house. I do the hair, make up and make the clothes and he’ll shoot and edit. Then we just give it to the label and my team and they’re usually like “ok”. At first when I wanted to do “out there” kind of stuff, they were all freaked out cause crazy visual stuff wasn’t mainstream yet when walking on air came out. But now I have total freedom. It’s funny when people compare my style to other girls in pop cause I don’t even have a stylist or a creative director or anything. I make everything you see. It hasn’t been a choice of mine..it’s kinda just happened out of necessity. I didn’t have anyone on board throwing money at me so i had to figure out how to create outfits and pictures and videos and content by myself. I write and produce and even all the nitty girtty stuff like behind the scenes videos etc – I edit in my laptop. I’m kinda like the amish people versus the modern society. When the internet disappears, the world is gonna go to shit but the people that have figured out how to generate their own electricity, how to grow their own food are gonna be fine. So yea, you can add layers to my stuff by throwing more money into it and putting me in the room with the best of the best to elevate everything but if that’s not happening, nothing is gonna happen to me and what I do because I’m completely self sufficient and do all this stuff anyway regardless of who’s on board or how many people are watching.

Hey kerli my life’s a mess and I feel like I can Get some really good advice from you,so if you can take your time and answer me id appteciate it ^_^ I’m a gay fourteen y/o and I come from a Christian family and I heard that since I’m gay I’m going to hell

No baby. You’re not going to hell. You can love whoever you want. There is nothing wrong with you at all. We’re all going to heaven. This right here kinda is heaven too, if we choose to see it<3