Two Questions and Two Answers with Kerli

Did you see your self making bubblegoth when you where younger? Like did you know that this is the kind of music you where gonna make, and visuals you where gonna create?

No. I always knew I was gonna make music but stylistically I was just kinda all over the place – it was crazy stuff but not very focused. I was also still a kid and looking for myself so I guess that’s normal. I also felt like in Estonia, my creativity was always suppressed. In school and at home. So when I wanted to write a ten page story, people only wanted 10 sentences. A massive trigger for me stylistically was the walking on air video. I worked with this sick stylist Frank who was working with David La Chapelle and stuff so he was AMAZING. I sent him pictures of what I wanted to wear and he rolled in with the most amazing outfits ever. I also sent him pictures of all these stripper shoes I wanted to wear and he started decking them out on the shoot with a screwdriver and chains and It blew my mind. I was like: wow, you can customize and make your own stuff!!? How amazing is that! I’ve also learned a lot from my friend-creative sister Glaza. Like about what glue to use and where to get materials and stuff… So it does take a trigger or an inspiring person to let yourself venture to all these places. I can’t even imagine how much creativity and inspiration gets thrown around people that are like really big. Must be a blast! So yeah, I only really started making stuff like 3 years ago which is pretty crazy to think about cause now I can’t imagine not making my stuff..And I only bought a sewing machine this fall. I don’t know where it’s gonna take me but I’m excited to see the stuff I’m making 5 years from now. One thing is for sure – shit is gonna be crazy:)

I can feel ya. It seems your music has changed greatly that I think it focuses more on a higher conscious self (higher awakening / awareness) while having fun at the journey to reach it. Blessings.

Its strange that I can’t focus on anything negative when I make music anymore. I physically and mentally can not even take myself to a place where I’m complaining because I’m like: I don’t wanna put that out in the universe and I don’t want people singing along to it, dwelling on their stuff. I still write about struggle on the new album but on 95% of the songs, I overcome it. I just hung out with this publisher and we were talking about a song I wrote for this one amazing artist (it’s gonna come out soon and it’s gonna be fantastic and you’re gonna be so excited for it:) and he told me that he loves that I made the artist win in the end. So I was thinking about it cause it was a cool thing to say and I realized that for the past 2 years I have written so much music and only a few songs where I don’t win in the end. maybe I’ll look back at it and wanna make a sad album next but that’s where I’m at right now – staying in the flow of love and just enjoying my time in my body, trying to soak in everything good the world has to offer.