Twitterview with Kerli


Kerli: Hey cambioconnect <3

Cambio: Great to have you with us! Hope you enjoyed the shopping experience!

K: Hell yes! shopping with u guys was so much fun. Already started making some eyeball jewellery, yikes!

C: So, what’s your favourite candy?

K: My favourite candy is licourice.

c: When is your new album coming out!? I’m SO excited, I can hardly contain myself!!

K: As of now – early fall. I can not wait to share it with you guys <3

C: Do you like roller coasters?

K: I hate rollercoasters. They freak me out. lol. It’s true.

C: Would you consider the idea of a duet with Natalia Kills? It would be FANTASTIC! <3

K: I love Natalia Kills. We just met last week, making tunes with her would be so BubbleGothTastic.

C: What was your favourite song from childhood?

K: Everything Spice Girls and the original song JLo just sampled for On the Floor.

C: What inspires you?

K: Humans are my biggest inspiration.

C: Are there any songs by other artist that you wish you had written or that really connect with you?

K: Björk “All is full of Love”, Bruce Hornsby and the Range “The way it is” and so many more.

C: What does your personal style say about who you are? It’s so awesome!

K: It says all – happy but hard, angelic but twisted. Baroque lavishness but cyber clean.

C: When will a new single be out?

K: We’re about to mix it. I think it’s gonna be very soon. Already have the video treatment written.

C: Who rocks the spider headpiece better? Me or you? //

K: Rob: 1, Kerli: 0. I bow down to you <3

C: What’s the best gift you’ve received?

K: Hamsters. For my 8th birthday.

C: What kind of a computer game would you like to create music for?

K: World of Warcraft.

C: One more question! This has been fun! What is your favourite food?

K: Sushi I’m a japanophile.

C: It’s been great chatting with Kerli! Make sure you check her new single Army of Love on iTunes today!

K: Great chatting with you guys as well! Thank you all the moonchildren for tuning in. Love you to pieces! I.L.U