My Life.. in a Movie

If you could have a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you and the people closest to you? What would the film be called?

Mine would be called Night Flower and here are the people I chose to play the witty characters in my life.

Kerli would play me. I felt kind of lame doing this, since everyone knows how much I love Kerli, but I couldn’t resist. Even though the queen of Bubblegoth has stated that she can’t act, I wouldn’t want anyone else to portray myself.

Keira Knightley would play Erika; my sister and best friend of all time. Everyone says Erika looks like Keira, and I think Keira is an astonishing actress.

Emily Blunt would play Leah; my cousin and best friend. There isn’t much of a resemblance in these pictures, but the two do have similar features.

(Young) Nikki Sixx would be Bachi; Erika’s boyfriend and practically my brother. I’ve always said that Bachi and I are Nikki’s children.

Shailene Woodley would have to play Sam; my dear dear dear bestie. Sam was mistaken for Shailene at Cracker Barrel once upon a time!

Tyson Ritter would play Gabe; my good friend and ex lover. Oh, Tyson wouldn’t do Gabe justice but everyone says they’re identical twins.

(Young) Leo Dicaprio would be Chris; Leah’s boyfriend. It’s not very obvious here, but I swear Chris has Leo’s face.

And then I have two gorgeous friends whom I cannot find celebrities to portray them. Maybe someone could help me?

Caitie Cat, my amazing friend and Serenity, my tripletish.

So there it is!