7 Things You MUST Bring To Coachella (So You Don’t Die In The Desert)

This is my Coachella Survival Guide list filled with the top 7 things you must have in order to survive Coachella. These are all things you should NOT leave home without, because if you do… Well you’ll regret it. Okay, here we go…


Coachella is in Indio California, aka the desert! So staying hydrated is a MUST. Coachella sells water (and other beverages, wink wink) but they have also always sold these great water bottles for around $10 that you can refill all three days of the festival. Ah-maze-ing!


The sun will be shining brightly all three days guaranteed, and if you forget your sunglasses (aka sunnies) you will be sorry. You may also possibly go blind and/or get cataracts…


It has never been under 80 degrees at Coachella, so naturally you will need sunblock unless you want ugly tan lines… However, don’t forget about your face! With Zinka sunblock you can paint your face and protect it too.


Unless you have an elephant’s memory I suggest bring a camera to remember all the good times you will be having. Because trust me, you won’t remember them without pictures. Wink wink…


Hats are always “in”, but this years trend seems to be the wool fedora. They are bigger then regular fedoras and don’t curve up in the back. Here is an example for guys and girls… Buzznet’s very own Hanna Beth loves this look!

#6. CA$H

I know, I know… Cash may seem overrated with all those fancy customized credit cards. But trust me when I say CASH IS KING at Coachella!


I’ve said it before, you can’t have a proper Coachella look without a feather or two. It doesn’t matter how you utilize feathers, just make sure you have at least one. If you want to go all out you can always get an Indian Feather Headdress

Okay boys and girls, I hope my survival guide helps you out this Coachella and many Coachellas to come. So go get those water bottles, grab your camera, paint your face, and get a feather or two… Coachella is waiting, and it’s a playground!

Okay now it’s your turn. Tell me what should #8 on the Survival Guide?

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