Buzznet Fashion Designers to Watch: Jazmin Whitley of Li Cari

Buzznet is basically a breeding ground for the next Karl Lagerfelds and Vivienne Westwoods of the world. We have SO many talented fashion designers doing creative and amazing things, and this week we want to highlight some of them and their work through interviews and photos. Here are our Buzznet Designers to Watch…

First up is the lovely Jazmin Whitely who designs the popular line Li Cari. This 22-year old Los Angeles-based designer has been featured in Seventeen and Teen Vogue and is definitely doing big things in the year to come…


Buzznet: Describe your own personal style in 10 words or less.

Jazmin Whitley: My personal style changes depending on my mood, but I always keep it fun and sassy.

BN: What are some of your fashion must haves? What is something you can’t live without?

JW: A killer pair of cowboy boots, and my jagger edge cell phone case – it always makes such a statement!

BN: Who are your favorite fashion icons?

JW: Coco Chanel because I LOVE all things classic and timeless. That is what Li Cari is all about.

BN: Describe your clothing line in 10 words or less.

JW: Li Cari is timeless, chic and sophisticated but still very playful.

BN: Where do you find your inspiration?

JW: So many things inspire me. If I’m creating a one-of-a-kind I’m inspired by that specific person’s energy. If it’s for my collection I’m inspired by my travels and adventures.

BN: Tell us about your all-time favorite piece you have created.

JW: I’m currently obsessed with this white dress I made with pink bows on it, it’s so flirty and sexy but still so innocent and classy. I feel FABULOUS when I put it on. Also – I made this periwinkle blue sequin dress for actress Aimee Teegarden and it looks AMAZING on her, check it out in this months issue of Teen Vogue 😉

BN: What are your plans for the future? Upcoming projects? Collaborations?

JW: I’m working on a few one of a kinds and I’m also shooting a new tv show all about… FASHION. I can’t give details yet, but I will be sure to keep Buzznet posted with any news

BN: Where can we find (and buy!) your work?



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