Daily Music Dose – Johnny Flynn

It’s hard for me to describe Johnny Flynn and his merry band of mates, so I think you should just click on the video and have yourself a listen. I’ve been listening to this this song all weekend.

This video is all kinds of bad ass. You cannot deny it. It is off of their second release, Been Listening.

The audio that I’ve included is from their first album, A Larum.

Most of Johnny Flynn’s music makes me want to pack all my earthly possesions in a polka dot bag that is tied on the end of a stick and just walk.

I first heard this band when they opened for Laura Marling, who, btw, is also double plus amazing. I was digging around for tour dates and such for Johnny Flynn on Friday and well, I missed that train. But, I did get to hear their latest stuff so I’ve been having a party all weekend in my ears.

I am going to stop writing now so you all can enjoy this music. Happy Monday!