Song of the Day: Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues

Today’s song is brought to you by Anamanaguchi. I’ve made myself digital and I have currently gained the power up of INFINITE MOO PACK. Enjoy!

I had to put Moo in a backpack because I was dropping her off at her Tia’s house so that she wouldn’t be discovered in my apartment. She’s not supposed to be there. She is an ILLEGAL BEAGLE. The managers there left notices that they were doing inspections and such to make sure that we, the tenants aren’t going to be on future episodes of HOARDERS.

Anyway, I’m going to SF tomorrow because I was supposed to go and watch some band called Mice Parade but they canceled their West Coast tour. So, I’m super mega-lo sads about that but I guess it’s ok cuz I’m going to party and take pictures and hang out with BANHAMMAR and eat pizza.

I miss my MooDog already and I don’t know why. It was really sad this morning because she was bouncing from behind my friends barricade she made to keep her in the kitchen. Whenever Moo jumps, I think of her being a PUPTART FRESH OUTTA THE TOASTER.

Anyway, she is silly times infinity. That is all. Carry on.