At the end of every good horror movie, there’s always room open for a sequel. And thus, I feel there is plenty of room for us to revisit Buzznet’s Zombie Apocalypse.

If you weren’t with us in 2008, Buzznet was invaded by zombies throughout the entire month of October. Many people were lost in the shambling hordes, only to reappear, come November, completely uninfected.


So, for 2010, I am bringing the Zombie Apocalypse back, y’all. And here’s how it’s going to work:

Starting October 1st (TODAY) and running through October 31st, zombies will be biting people on Buzznet. If you see this graphic in your notes, you’ve been bitten:

What this means:You can now bite TWO PEOPLE who have not yet been bitten and spread the virus to them. Post this HTML code into their notes:<center><a href=”//”> <img src=”//” border=”0″><br>Click here for tasty brainzzzz</a></center>It should show up like this:

Click here for tasty brainzzzz

It should link back to this instruction journal.

Once you’ve been bitten, you’re encouraged to change your Buzznet profile image into a zombified version of yourself. You can go to the Zombie Face Changer page if you’d like to use their tool, or if you’re able you can use make-up, Photoshop or whatever! Be creative!

Let’s see how far we can spread the virus by the end of the month!

And don’t forget the other Halloween fun we’ve got planned, including the Halloweenie Awards and viewing parties all month long!

Please keep in mind: this is all in good fun. Nobody is required to participate if they don’t want.