Crazy Careers Part 4 — Jamie from Japan LA

One of my absolute favorite stores in LA is Japan LA. Ive been going since basically the day it opened 4 years ago and love the owner Jamie Rivadeneira. Jamie is definitely someone who has one of the coolest jobs. She’s a little kid at heart who loves her Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bears and Rilakkuma just like me. She runs annual group tours to Japan where she looks for newest cutest things to sell at her store and visits the funnest places like Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty theme park), the Tokyo Toy Show and Harajuku. I want to go!!

Jamie also has produced alot of fashion shows, some which I’ve modeled in, curates exhibitions and also definitely knows how to throw a good party!

Jamie also just turned me on to my new favorite mascara — Fairy Drops Platinum — its from Japan of course 🙂

If you live in LA or ever plan to visit be sure to check out Japan LA or Shop Online

What’s your favorite Japanese character?

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