CRUSH OF THE DAY: Oolong the Rabbit

Most rabbits live their lives in quiet cuteness, unnoticed by the world at large. Such is not the case for Oolong the Rabbit of Hokkaido, Japan. A bunny much like any other bunny, Oolong was taken in by photographer Hironori Akutagawa at an early age. It was Akutagawa who first recognized Oolong’s unique talent: balancing random stuff on his head. From that day on, Akutagawa documented Oolong with many different things (pancake, glove, turtle) on his head and put the photos up on his SITE. Sadly, Oolong passed away at the ripe old age of eight a few years ago, but his legend has been immortalized in a new BOOK in Eric Kessels’ series In Almost Every Picture. We tip our pancake to you, Oolong.