Adam Young Of Owl City Enjoys Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ Song

As it inches closer to that Hallmark holiday, we’ve got sweet things on the brain. We sent out some questions via carrier pigeon (what? you can’t disprove it) and our beloved musicians are happily answering back. Owl City’s tunes might make you a bit dreamy-eyed, but what turns Adam Young’s knees to Jello?

Buzznet: Who was your first crush?

Adam: The lunch lady in my elementary school cafeteria. Ahhh, she was so dreamy.

Buzznet: If you were in elementary school, what kind of Valentine cards would you give out to your class?

Adam: The sneakiest of all Valentine’s Day cards.

Buzznet: What are three things you heart right now?

Adam: Taco Bell. Shaquille O’Neal. Wordless music.

Buzznet: What’s the best love song you know?

Adam: ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift

Buzznet: What celebrity would you happily be in a bromance with?

Adam: What is bro-mance?

Okay ladies, Adam certainly needs a lesson on bro-mance, we can work on that with him. But, we know Adam needs no lesson in the romantic music scene.

What Owl City track is your fav?