Ebay Garage Sale

Its that time again! Ebay Garage Sale..goodies straight from my closet. Out with the old in with the new. I have a HUGE closet and no room left. Its really scary so im trying to get rid of things so i can fill it with amazing new items. I want to start a rehab for all the kids who sit online bashing others. Its poison for the mind, they need help just as much as anyone else in one of those programs. There daily tasks would consist of self esteem boosting and learning to love themselves. I just watched Slaves of New York such a good 80s movie. I definitely recommend it.. although you might have to rent it from your local Video Hut. Its a bottom shelf gem. I got the coolest vintage Bart Simpson pull over today downtown. Im currently wearing it wishing I had a huge pizza. I might just have to order one. Midnight snack Waffle the cat style.

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Midnight snacks good or bad idea?