Halloween – Prep Time Begins!

It’s already October! That means that somewhere, someone is celebrating Octobeard by growing some grizzly man chops or getting ready for Halloween. Facial month shenanigans aside, what are you doing to get ready for the 31st?

It’s already the first week of October and I have yet to wrangle me a costume. I have no cool decorations or anything to place outside the door of my apartment. Mostly, I think I am dead inside right now because I am doing nothing in preparation for Halloween, my most favey time of year. Yes, I am the shell of the man you used to know, except I am not wearing a costume. I has a sad that only Buzznet can cure.

As I sit here and wait for Halloween to sneak up on me, PanasonicYouth has already asked “What should I be for Halloween?” I haven’t even done that. I kind of already know what I want to be, I just need to make it. I also need to get paid so I can buy things to make my costume. That’s the important thing. You know, because you can’t pay for things with hugs and songs.

NewAgeAmazon has decided to not go the route of Buzznet Zombiefication this year. Instead, she wants you to dazzle her with your sweet dance moves. She has wrangled some pretty nifty “How To” vids of what she wants you to do. You can check out the deets here – OMG THRILLER!

The bestest person in QuakerTown, PA has started her 31 Days of Halloween Gallery. MillieAnn snaps some pretty spooky pictures during the rest of the year, so just imagine what she is going to show you during scary monster times. Take a look at this:

Daemon Kitty! Possessed by teh LuLz!

Teganamara gets festive with her Day of the Dead mask –

As part of her 365 Day Project, LilAshes87 puts out her Halloween decorations and takes a picture to share with us. Check it out –

The first week of October is drawing to an end. It’s turning into Ugly Sweater Weather here in Los Angeles, and I want a Pumpkin Latte. I imagine there will be more photos in the weeks to come as Buzznet gets ready to celebrate Halloween. Did I miss any of your faves? Let me know!