Red Velvet cake please!!

I would give my left arm for some red velvet cake. I can not have wheat or sugar yet it has been four months without it. I WANT CAKE!! Im watching food network and there having cake challenges and its painful. Im torturing my self. Last night was the Wizard Of Oz gala downtown. We got there super late of course… never on time. Not by choice, just kinda happends like that. Once we finally got there they had a huge yellow carpet, yellow brick road style. All the desserts and candies you could ever dream of and the best sweet potato fries I have ever tasted. We did a shoot for the L.A Times newspaper. I guess it is a big deal cause it is the second biggest newpaper nation wide. Crossing my fingers it goes to print! I dressed up as a new age Dorthy.

Me, Nick and Clint when we arrived.

Inside the galla they had every top deisgner create there own version of dorthys famous red shoes. Betsey Johnson and Lulla’s were insane.These are Christian Louboutin’s.

Today i started the day with a bannananan and peanut butter soy smoothie…sounds good in theory. I felt like I ate 17 lbs of pasta. That drink was so thick and not such a bright idea. My friend Nhat stoped by later and we went to this place called Royal T. Think a cafe meets japan meets and art gallery. This place was amazing. I took tons of photos inside the place!

Tonight I saw the Hangover. It was for sure funny…kinda too long though. I could not sit through it again. I finished the night by having the best veggie buritto minus the tortilla.

This is Frenchie doll from Grease. I was told this should be my Halloween costume next year. I am seriously considering this.

Here are some snap shots from the Jessica Louise shoot I did.

When life knocks you down you have two choices- stay down or get up. No great achievement is possible without persistant work. When there are bumps on the road we hang in tight but keep on driving.

Tomorrow I am shooting with Dirk, Marybeth and Julia for Cliche magazine rising star issue. Then im going to the L.A Film festive opening for Paper Man. Kieran Culkin stars in it..he is one of my favorite actors. I hope he shows up for the premiere. I feel like he is the kinda guy who wouldn’t haha.

Who is your favorite actor?

Relaxing night for me..Im going to go watch some more food network and dream of desserts.

Love and Glitter,