Old soul with bugs in my nose.

Im trying so hard to make a video blog im going to scream! I am an old soul. Old soul with bugs in my nose. Believe it or not i know nothing about the internet or technology. That stuff is so hard for me. My energy does not like electronics. They always break around me or don’t work. My ind will not comprehend them. I am trying to load it now. I made two different ones and they both deleted. Then the last one I made is super awkward cause people are walking by my window staring at me and all I can think to say is great and fabulous. Its kinda amazing I hope I can upload it. Today I did lots of laundry and got new bath salts that smell sooooo good. Im getting ready to go to the Billabong Humanity event tonight. I need to be there in about two hours. My clothes are still wet..how typical. Here are photos from when me and Nhat went to Royal T for food last week. This place is way cool..if your in California you need to check it out.

They have this life size ipod you can go inside and it plays music …I need one in my room.

Someone sent me this painting and I love it..so talented.

At the end of Summer me and Nhat are going to put out a book kinda like a dairy. It will have all my personal photos, letters and diary pages in it. Kinda like the book Courtney Love did. That kind of inspiration. We have been working on it for a few months it is going to be really cool when we are finished with it! I keep listening to French music ..I have no idea what they are singing about but I like how it sounds!

I am going yo make a cherry smoothie before I have to go to the event tonight. I will post photos tomorrow from the Vh1 and Billabong partys. My nose is so congested I my voice sounds funny.

Does the book im working on sound like something you would read? Its more for the art and sake of doing it but if people would actually read it and enjoy it makes the project even better!

Love and Glitter,