Nylon and the Ting Tings..That is my name.

Last night I burnt my popcorn the smoke detectors were all going off, and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Nylon party. I said yes and tried to clear the smoke to get ready. I am in serious need of doing laundry so I ended up wearing a pink bubble latex skirt my friend Anna made me with a black and cream polka dot bra covered with charcoal grey leopard cardigan. I don’t know if this outfit was a good or bad idea. Soon as we got there Mark was outside and yelled Myspace “it” girl let her in! haha I was like oh nooo. I saw him at the post office earlier in the day while I was shipping all the Team Audrey shirts out. He is a rad guy.

Once we got inside I ran into so many people. I saw an ex-boyfriend’s band mate inside…kinda awkward. I tried to keep my distance. Change is healthy… more people should try it. Later on I found Ian and we took some photos. He is throwing his T-shirt launch party at Ben Sherman this weekend. I am excited for him. Jill found me over at the bar where it took me 10 minutes to get a water. We stopped by the photo booth and met up with Johnny makeup and Peaches. Me and Johnny are both from Philly and use to go to the same tacky house parties when we were super young.

I met up with Rony, we did the Beauty Bar tour together last summer. Recently we shot new Bad Kitties series. They will be up soon I will link over to them!

Stole these from Marks site.

There was some pretty cool fashion there, my favorite was this yellow Jeremy Scott jumper..kinda like my mint green one.

The Ting Ting’s performed..pretty rad live.

This was the Nylon music issue launch party. If you Live in Los Angeles it kicks off tonight at the Roxy.

Nylon always throws killer parties and you can always be sure to spot some decent fashion.

Tonight I am going to the Tarina jewelry launch party. Kelly Osborn is the face of this new line. Clint is picking me up around 6pm. I am wearing a blue and white polka dot dress with 3D letters on it.

What music show do you want to go see this summer??

What do you think of Nylon Magazine’s personalities like Cory and Peaches???

Love and Glitter,