Ive got some real estate here in my bag.

The song America by Simon and Garfunkel reminds me of Almost Famous. Such a good song and movie. This weekend has been really strange. Today I woke up late and stayed in bed and listened to music for a while. Eventually I went to eat Indian food. I got really sad today. I miss all my real friends in Philly. They are the best people anyone could evr ask for. They have stood by my side for years. My best friend had her graduation party today and I wanted to be there more then anything. They made a minature version of me out of cotton candy..so I was there in sugar and spirit haha! I need to get away for a while. This summer im going take a week or so off and leave my phone and go up north camping in middle of nowhere. Me and my friend have been planning this for two years. No phones, No money, no cars, no electronics, I think it is going to be most amazing vacation I could ever want. Just us and a tent.

This photo is from the last time I was in Philly. We snuck into thr Hilton and all went swimming. It lasted about an hour until we got kicked out.

Photo from the Nylon Magazine party.

I started getting a sore throat a few hours ago..that escalated into a fever. I found a remedy online. It said mix orange spice tea, hot apple cider vinegar, honey and cayenne pepper. I made it and drank it, it actually helped a lot. Im hoping I wake up feeling better in the morning. I have things I want to do and no cold is going to stop me!

I made another worst dressed list..A lot of you guys went on there and stuck up for me! You guys are my best friends. Nevermind me they put Vivian Westwood on there. How is that even politically correct??


I want these shoes so bad! They are by far coolest I have ever seen. Who ever designed them is a superstar.

Speaking of shoes I am looking through the Irregular Choice lookbook right now. There going to send me some from this season. They have some pretty crazy styles. There a shoe company who is not scared to take a risk and I like that.

I will leave you with this photo.

Have you ever gone camping? Or would you?

Love and Glitter,