Glitter, a bruise and a missing shoe.

Anna came over for veggie tacos the other night and she has this amazing green glitter eyeshadow on. Ever since then I have been on glitter kick wearing it covering my whole eyelids. It starts to blind me and fall into my eyes..I feel like I should only wear the glitter every other day so my eyes are not watering at all times! hah! Today started with french pancakes with lemon squeezed on them. I stoped by the dr. for a massage and acupuncture. I started to have really crazy thoughts during it and got new ideas for clothing and shoots! I guess its safe to say it helps? I got contacted by Russian media to do a bunch of big magazine editorials over there. So exiciting..I already started making outfits today. Lets just say one of them is a blue Madonna cone bra covered in jewels.

The thick black eyelashes and glitter it is all part of the show.

Right now I am cutting up a blue Doors shirt alll fringe style. I have done it to a few old tshirts I never wear and now I love them. Its a whole new look for a boring tshirt.

This is an example of a new one I am trying.

Tomorrow I am meeting Jessica Louise for brunch and manufactering. Later in the day I am meeting about a film project. This week has been filled with cherrys, sequins, polaroids, body suits, popcorn, Lavendar daisy’, Calm tea, Feather clothing and grilled bannana’s.

I put together a get the look with my band tshirt.

These are all items you can get at high end stores as well as super affordable. I think right now even if you like labels it is imporant to mix in cheaper and vintage pieces.

For my birthday I want these chessburger cupcakes so bad! I want Ace of Cakes to make me them..that damn show is so addicting. We came to the conclusion I was either French or Mexican in my past life because I try to speak both of the langues which I can’t and I always want to eat the French and Mexican food. i was probably on acid chasing some hippie band around the country.

Get a mind of your own man.The difference is I don’t want a pitty party..never have never will!

Don’t forget to enter my L.A Film Fest contest in the journal entry before this. That day is going to be killer. I am stopping by warped tour early in the day then meeting you guys at the screening that night.

Time for my nightly date with Pee Wee’s playhouse and my tea pot.

p.s I would die for cherry pie right now. All i want it cherry pie and a chick flick.

Pie or cake?

Love and Glitter,

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