Its a Full moon, MTV Movie Awards party!

Last minute I decided to go to the MTV Movie Awards Party. To be honest it was way cooler then I had expected. Very private and relaxed. They had music, hand made coconut icecream and a huge pool full of beach balls and balloons. I stoped by around 2pm and ran into a ton of friends I haven’t seen in ages. It took place at a private residents in the hills… took us forever to actually find the place. New York was there and I only reconized her from that voice haha! I didn’t notice until she started talking. The whole point of these partys is so Celebrities can walk away with some rad swag.

The Ashe Foundation was there. They collect old shoes to end them to children in Africa who don’t have any of there own. I just boxed up three pairs of my shoes to send off to them. This is an amazing charity. If you have any shoes that don’t fit anymore or you over, you should send them off! The address is..

390 Laurel Canyon blvd, Suite 111, Studio City, CA 91604.

“The power to make things happen”

RevitaLash Is a furmula to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller. I have not used it yet but if its true thats a rad product.

Maggie jewlery had these amazing crystle rings! She is sending me one this week. Rings over gloves? I kinda like it, I would rock it and I think I will. I love any color that shines in a diamond. Those are colors I will be wearing this summer. And no not the clear high heels… i leave them for Brook Hogan.

I have come to the conclusion that me and Kat Dennings need to be friends. I found her blog the other day and she is so strange I love it. Dear Kat..I will run into you somewhere and between my awkwardness and yours we will bond and become great friends…Oh yes im manifesting it.

Tomorrow and I finally giving the over due house tour! Audrey cribs 2009..yeahhh. That means I need to clean today. That is the down side. Wens I am meeting with the networks again to go over my game plan for the next year. This Saturday Is the Young Hollywood awards and I am torn between two outfits. I might need your help picking which to wear.

Speaking of clothing..

The fact that Kristen Stewart wore converse on the red carpet and didn’t look like a chewed up version of Avril Lavigne..That is a double thumbs up in my book. I always wanted to do that and thought Avril had ruined it, Kristen I might be taking this fashion tip from you in the near future. Gracious.

My avacado smoothie just is not doing it for me today..I want fried tofu MmMm. Im to Lazy to go to Whole Foods right now so I can keep dreaming about it.

What was your favorite part about the MTV Movie Awards?..And do you agree with who won?

Love and glitter,