Backtage as the Stylist.

Sorry for no update yesterday. For those of you who follow me on twitter know i had 102 fever. I got crazy sick out of nowhere! I tried to blog but i kept passing out haha. Its the effort that counts! I tried every crazy remedy I could find to get rid of my flu since today I had a big styling video job with the new Disney band KSM. I even put apple cider vinager on washclothes all over my body.. and I think thats the one that worked. I woke up today with a normal temperature. I was really stoked. My throat is still bad but I guess I cant have my cake and eat it too…Im not even able to eat cake 🙁

I made my self eat some rice cerial and drink some tea so I could get ready and head downtown to style and hang out with KSM. They are going on tour with Demi Lovato this summer. My manager got here super late cause of car trouble. I didnt get the the style warehouse till an hour later…I was really embarassed, but everyone was really cool about it! We took some before photos and I talked with each girl to find out there personal style. I think it is all about personality. If you are not confident and feel comfortable in clothing it will NOT look good. Fashion is all how you carry yourself. It is really important to have an individual style. You can emulate people, but you must stay true to yourself. Some of the girls loved heels and skirts, while others were more of the flats and jeans type. They also filmed it for there Disney behind the scenes webisodes!

I have been wearing this skirt way too much.. Im sick and havent had time to do laundry leave me alone! haha

Have to tuck and hide!

These are the before and after photos!

We were talking about phones. I asked her If i should get an iphone..she told me no and that she wants her sidekick back.

Tonight was the Flaunt Magazine party but it canceled. I think im going to grocery shop and stay in and watch some dvds and recover some more from the the horrible germ who ruined my life for past few days. Tomorrow night is the Billabong charity event and the VH1 save music event..i got some riduclous outfits , don’t worry worst dressed list I wont let you down!

They all had cute style to begin with and we had like 45 min haha. I wish we had more time that kinda sucks….what do you think of my stylist skills. Do you like before or after better? Keep in mind it has to do with there own personal style as well! Im intrested to see what you guys think??

Oh and Band Of Horses is my favorite band right them! check them out if you are not familiar with them.

Love and Glitter,