After Hours Majenty.

I could not get out of bed today! I wanted to sleep on so bad. I made myself get up and make some gluten free waffles. After I attempted to get dressed me and Roxxy headed downtown to Chic Little Devil to pic up some new event outfits and Westwood yellow heart pumps. Traffic was so bad and it was raining. Took an hour longer then usual. Stoped by M Cafe to get some kale and chickpea salad. So tasty. Steve my friend from New York City met us at my place where we all headed to the hotel.

The puppy likes to bite me. We have a love hate relationship.

These shoes at the style warehouse are the coolest ever! They are Dolce & Gabbana and if you push the sequins up the are silver..and if you push them down the shoes turn red! It is like owning two pairs in one.

I want to get a new lense for my camera so bad. That is going to be my new investment. I also want to get some film camera. I love the disposable ones you can uy at CVS for 7$..surprisingly they take some cool wasted out photos.

Its so strange to me. Everyone asks me for advice on being a model. To be honest I don’t even want to be a model and I don’t think I am? I just get ideas and want to create them through film. I make clothing and sets and take photos in them. I consider it more art. I don’t do it for money or anything other then creating something amazing at the end of the day. I think if you are have passion for something it will shine through. My advice to anyone who wants to be a model..or anything else is just to work heard, stay on track and be true to yourself. You have to enjoy the ride. That is the whole point. I never want to be able to say I made it, I am at the top..cause where do you go from there? I want to always be moving, never be still.

Im going on a Pho date. My favorite kind of soup ever. Los Angeles why are you so cold…It is JUNE! This is crazy.

I want to get a kitten..I know I have been saying this forever but I am serious now! Are they a lot of work??? Or hard to take care of??

My old room mate had a cat. I loved him but she was a crazy pill popper junkie so they got the boot.

Do you like the daily blogs about my life? Or not so much?

Love and Glitter,