Liar Liar pants on fire!! Bamboozle!

Dear love bunnies,

  No one likes being lied to. It is not a fun past time. Everything I was told I would NEVER accomplish I have, and I haven’t even started yet! Oh when will people learn, Audrey is no force to be reckoned with! Ok just kidding…kinda.

Saturday night I attended the first ever Streamy awards. If you haven’t heard it is a online award show streaming live! It was actually really cool I saw Lisa Kudrow and all I wanted to do was sing the Friends theme song. Don’t worry i contained myself and kept my mouth zipped.  I wore my silver sparkle Hello Kitty dress. Im still waiting on the photos. After we had to run to Universal City Walk where I judged their Breakout Star Showcase. There are 3 more! If you live in California come out its FREE! Free concert and you can hang out with me! The information is over at

Im going to be attending Bamboozle next weekend before I have to run to judge the next KIIS FM event! I am going to have bags of logo pins that im giving away! I actually need a street teamer to help me. If your going to BOTH days of Bamboozle and want to help contact me! I am learning I like exclamation marks!!! I need to go to rehab for using them!!

Tomorrow I am filming my video for VANS! The contest campaign starts April 1st.. get ready! All I was told is im going to be dancing in a yellow simley face dress in Venice… this is questionable. Wendnesday Im going to my yoga class then a charity event Jeremy Pivon is hosting. I might have to talk to him about mercury poisoning haha!

Which of these three Photos Is your favorite? And would you wear my Kiss logo pin??

Add me on twitter.. yes im tweet tweeting ugh.
Whoever stole my user name give me it back!

Love your pinky,
Audrey xoxo

P.S don’t forget to enter the Sanyo contest! Click this link

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