Katy Perry Talks About Her Break Up With Travis McCoy: “I’m over it!”

Whether you’re a fan of Katy Perry, Travis McCoy or both, you’ve likely been waiting for some kind of comment from her on the pair’s recent split. After all, Travis hasn’t exactly kept his feelings a secret, between blogging when the original break-up happened and then getting a possibly regrettable tattoo.

But what does Katy have to say about the split? So far she’s been pretty tight lipped about it, posting stuff to her blog about her cat, the entries in the Grammy contest she’s a part of (um…prepare the brain bleach before you read that entry) and unicorn poop (I kid you not). But apparently she finally commented on it during an acoustic set at the Los Angeles Hotel Cafe.

According to People magazine, Perry, who had justifiably* sidestepped questions about the break-up at the Critics’ Choice Awards, did say that the situation “hurts,” but that she’s not stopping, slowing down, or laying on the floor like a lichen for four months because of it. “When you breakup with someone you move on. You don’t really want to move on … but you have to because they don’t give you any choice.”

She finished the statement by declaring “But I’m over it!”

Perry also updated her blog with links to a few sites that cheer her up, and appropriately they’re all cat-themed. She also mentions a rumor she heard about Mariah Carey’s rider (the list of stuff they put on your tour bus for you): ” I heard that at one point she requested kittens and puppies backstage to cuddle with before every show. Well, she’s fucking smart.” And according to her post to her official Buzznet, it looks like that’s just about all we’ll be hearing from her on the topic.

I don’t give statements about my personal life. The stories read about the things I say introducing some of my songs are merely to explain the forth coming song. I enjoy being myself on stage and that’s what you expect of me. I have made many of the same introductions before… just lately everyone’s dissecting my every word. Understandable. When I wanna share something with the world, the world will know… otherwise, stop looking for a story, or an explanation.

So, what sort of things do you like to do when you’re feeling down? Any suggestions of sites Katy should look into? Leave ’em in the comments!

*Sorry, but I’m a firm believer in not talking to anybody, especially the public, about something like that until you’re ready…and the press asking about it is just kind of tacky.