It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

Hello my long lost friends,

I had two hours of sleep and had to jump in a cab and be downtown at the hotel at 5am. Went into hair and makeup and camera’s were filming by 6am. I have been so sick and almost forgot what I looked like when i got dressed. I must say it looked pretty good! The dr’s made me take all my face jewlery out and they closed up. Im ok with that for now …when im better I can get them again if i feel its necessary. By 11am i was getting so faded I had to leave early. My body was not ready for that kind of work or stress yet. Live and learn. Im hoping I can shoot my merch samples this weekend..if my body allows. Mercury poisoning is such a crazy illness. Its a very slow recovery and im so restless.

I have so much work I want to do and im stuck in bed watching movies! Grr I should enjoy it since i never get vacations. Right now im watching the notebook…how dramatic, and eating artichoke ravioli’s. Yes I can finally eat!! Yesterday I made a video at Hairroin Salon about using clipins… should be up this week! I keep missing a bunch of event’s but I need to remember… there will be more health first.

Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow-that is patience.. and im having to learn that the hard way.

One of my many up comming projects. I have so many fabulous new clothes from over the Holidays i have not been able to wear yet! I also got HUGE box of Betsey Johnson dress’s from a warhouse. All i want to do is make clothes!

I have had a lot of time to think …when industry is involved no one is your friend. There using you. I already know this but sometimes it comes from people you would not expect. It’s more about playing a game. Let them think they are winning. You cant scheme the number one schemer. It’s better to not let people know how intelligent you are. No one wants to work with someone smarter then them… they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of you that way.

I think were going to get a kitten tomorrow! I wish it was this one in the photo! Im off to watch some Degrassi and drink some tea! Have a fabulous weekend!

What is your favorite movie snack? Everytime I go to movies I HAVE to get food! Damn America and there brianwashing!

A-PopcornB-NatchosC-Pretzels with cheeseD- Candy

Till next time send me your healing vibes!

Lova Misa,Audrey xoxo