Travis McCoy is ‘So Proud’ to be Bronx Wentz’s Godfather

Gym Class Heroes’ front man Travis McCoy is so high on life right now. In a further display of his talents as an artiste, Gallery 1988 is currently hosting, “Without You I’m Just Me,” an art joint project dreamed up and made a reality by himself and Fall Out man Pete Wentz. Tuesday night saw the star-studded opening reception, and Trav enthusiastically blogged that 14 pieces sold that night.

But that isn’t all the hip-hopper has to smile about: “I’m so proud,” Travis told In Touch Weekly when asked about his new role in the little of little Bronx Mowgli, “Pete told me I was treading godfather territory and two days later, after I met Bronx and Ashlee saw how good I was with him, it was official.”

Travis confessed to a bit of baby fever between himself and longtime girlfriend Katy Perry, “When I passed Bronx off to her, we both looked at each other. Any young couple in love around another young couple in love, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get that spirit.”

Somehow, I don’t forsee Katy down with pregnancy—she is the self-proclaimed “skinnier version of Lily Allen,” after all. But, I could be completely off. Hmm. Who will the next Decaydance baby be?