If someone would of told me 2 years ago that I would be where I am now, I’d never believe it. Ever since I was a child I’ve been interested in what isn’t “normal” & I’ve always been attracted to the unknown or what people fear. It came natural to evolve into something that wasn’t human in the eyes of everyone else. I became obsessed with makeup and beauty when I would look through my mom’s bathroom. She used to be a model and I loved how every one of her pictures was like a story. A different look and pose. I wanted to be a chameleon in that way..

Do you ever see like you don’t fit in?

I never really related to anyone when I was younger. There wasn’t anyone who thought like I did or wanted to dress up all day long and have fun the way that I did.. so I would put on my perfectly made up face and close my fake eyelashed-eyes and dream of a place where everyone wore diamond tiaras, looked plastic and pretended they were better then everyone else. I woke up when I was 17 and moved to LA, it was basically the same thing. In reality, I didn’t dream much until I got older and realized that I wished the world wasn’t so shallow and close-minded. But irony is funny in a way.

I wish I could put my confidence in a bottle and let the world drink from it. I get asked a lot how I’ve gotten this far without being swept up in the drama. How I got this far without selling out and becoming just like everyone else.

Honestly, I never took NO for an answer. The things I had to say where always what people were afraid to hear. Looking the way I did was always the topic of conversation instead of what I had to say. Yes, I may look fake but I’m more real then most people think. Image is what everyone forms an opinion from and I learned that from the beginning. I used myself as a canvas to show what I loved. Somehow, my creative photos and early journals caused some chaos on the internet and a few years later, I had this huge audience of people watching my every move. Everyone wanted to see what Jeffree Star was going to do next. What he was going to look like next. I decided to use my self promotion and form a career around that. There aren’t any steps of “how to..” I just went out there and never compromised myself in a world where everyone says “No, don’t do that..” I did the opposite and got much more respect later.

I still can’t believe I finally have a CD in stores.. “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence” is a new beginning for me. To see my CD on a shelf in Hot Topic was so surreal. If I can do it, anyone can. Don’t give up on whatever it is you want to be. I get labeled a “bitch” because I don’t put up with people putting me down. I don’t turn around and pretend I don’t hear people talking shit behind my back. I go up and tap them on the shoulder and say “fuck you” and that’s what more people need to do. Stop being insecure and stand up for yourself. There’s no time for fake friendships and hurt feelings. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I don’t care anymore” that may sound like Dr. Phil but I’m being serious. Stop caring if the guy you like doesn’t like your weight. Stop worrying about if someone isn’t going to like you because you like a band that they don’t. It’s all so petty. I’m proud to be a bitch instead of a coward. This is just the beginning and the future looks bright pink.