NFG Video Shoot for ‘Listen To Your Friends’

You guys know that New Found Glory is like, one of my top three favorite bands of all time, right? Well, now you know. Anyway, so last night I went to be an extra in their video for “Listen To Your Friends,” a brand new song that will be on their next (untitled, release date still tba) album.

It was in an Ultimate Fighting training center. CAGE FIGHTING. No joke! There were still people training while we were there shooting. There were guys who were there coaching the band members on how to move. There was one martial arts guy who could like, flip through the air effortlessly. I was bug-eyed and massively impressed. The extras were all lined up on the outside of the cage, cheering. I don’t know how visible I’ll really be–especially since during the performance part of the shoot, I was off talking to people. My friend from Set Your Goals was there, you should be able to see him in the video at some point. Hayley Williams was there, too, supporting her bf Chad. She was whistling the song before any of us had heard it, and (not seeing her) Chad goes, “Yeah! Wait. Hey. Who’s doing that?” and she ducked her head and hid. Haha.

I overheard her saying the favorite part of the song is the gang vocals. I have to agree, that part of the song is superrrr energetic. I can’t wait to hear more songs from them! The album will be out via Epitaph sometime early next year.

I love the song, guys. Love it. If I could sing you a little part of it, I would, but alas, I cannot carry a tune to save my life. It’s start off with the lyrics, “I woke up in a hospital room, with blood in my mouth and clouded view”– total awesome sing-along goodness.

Ok, I’ll stop gushing now. There were absolutely no cameras or phones allowed, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it!

I’ll relay more NFG news as it comes, and maybe wrangle some photos from the shoot…

ps. Oh hay, ‘member when I interviewed them?